Premium users of Form Creator has access to many advanced features.


Premium users of Form Creator has access to many advanced features. Below let’s state some of them that our Premium users really love.

1.One of the greatest advanced features that Form Creator has, is the ability to set MULTIPLE EMAIL ADDRESSES for receiving user’s responses. This works great especially for group oriented organizations. As, it is a great solution when several members of the team are responsible for one and the same task. Like this, it’s easy for everyone involved, to keep up with user’s information, surveys, suggestions, etc. Not only this makes your forms more effective, but also it is beneficial for your team building.

2. Another great thing about the Premium plan, that our users love, is the ability to send CONFIRMATION EMAILS to their users after they SUBMIT the forms. You can notify your users about successful submissions and also let them confirm their submissions by sending them Emails. But yet, the greatest thing about this feature is that you can customize those Emails. You are free to edit the Subject and Text of the email. Also, to sound more formal, you can set your Company’s Name and Email address as a sender. Your own customized email ready to be sent to your users!

3. Running a business is often just as much about document management as it is about product management. Sometimes it is necessary to keep your data in a format which is easy to work with even for offline use. EXPORT data feature is very useful when the data list needs to be saved on the computer, it helps the user have the data list at his hand whenever he needs it. We have tried to make the export process as effective, yet simple as possible. Using the Export function from your dashboard, you can export your entries data from dashboard to a file format that you need. In most cases the CSV format will be the best fit for you and your business, but sometimes you need to export the information to XLS file or maybe just TEXT one. Still, the coolest thing about Form Creator export functions is that before exporting your data, you can specify the field/ fields to be exported. Isn’t it just great?!

4. Another awesome function, that Form Creator Premium plan supports, is MULTIPLE FILE UPLOAD. With a single click your users will be able to upload as many files as necessary (within 100MB). You will no longer face the problem of adding numerous file upload fields for receiving full information. And the great thing is, that all the files sent from your user’s side will be restored under a single chart on your entries’ list. Wondering how to manage the files once they are restored in your dashboard? As currently there is no feature to add the uploaded files to WIX storage, we have created our FILE MANAGER, that enables our users to have a full management over their files, that is to delete, upload, rename, share the files.